Green Oak Barn Project

This was the perfect lockdown project and is on-going. The green oak arrived on 12/10/20 and work started on 15/10/20. All working days were documented in this blog and comments are open so please ask any questions, or offer advice in the comments box at the end of each page or blog post. Comments are moderated so if you don’t want your comment published for everyone to see, please say so.

The Plan vs Actual

Barn plan - front elevation Finished Barn - front elevation
Barn plan - end elevation Finished Barn - end elevation

The roof pitch in the finished barn looks shallower than in the plan. However, it’s not. It’s because the pictures are taken standing on the ground looking up.

Key stage pictures

Scarf joint - peg holes
End wall plate dovetail - 1 Softwood roof - end of day 1
Softwood roof complete - 1 Roof complete - 2
Featherbaords of right front bay complete A preview of the doors

Latest blog posts


Key blog posts

How it started
The plan
The site folder
Dealing with wonky timber
Moving into the third dimension
Raising the Barn
Putting up the softwood roof
Fixing the wall panel frames: Day 1
Roof complete

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