Hyundai Kona Electric – 12v battery upgrade

New 12v Battery
Upgraded battery fitted

Regular readers will know that I’ve had 12v battery problems. I finally buckled and took the car to the dealer to be checked over. I didn’t want to just change the battery in case there was a more serious problem. The battery failed the tests they did.

Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turned out) they didn’t have a replacement battery in stock. The like-for-like replacement would have cost £144 and would only have a 1 or 2 year warranty.  So I went online and ended up on the Halfords website which asks you for your car’s registration number and postcode and then lists the suitable batteries available in local stores. It’s a brilliant service and allows you to buy online with confidence. I found a higher spec battery than the one offered by Hyundai (54Ah vs 45Ah) with a 5 year warranty for £89. I fitted it in about 10 minutes – Halfords would have done this for £18 – and I hope not to look back.

Watch this space.




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2 Responses to Hyundai Kona Electric – 12v battery upgrade

  1. Mr Andrew William Spacey says:

    How is it with the Halford’s battery Simon, still powering your Kona up? And the boot light unplugged helps with battery power?

    • Simon Berry says:

      Hello Andrew

      Yes I haven’t had to touch the battery since I fitted it and I’ve left the boot light disconnected.

      I wonder if my problems came partly from the fact that the original battery was on the way out when I bought the car secondhand. It was very low mileage but two years old so had been laying about not doing very much which probably didn’t do the 12v battery any good.

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