Rear wall featherboard and glazing the front window

February 2022

Two days after fitting the rear wall frames, window and breather paper, the COVID restrictions were lifted and I went skiing in France!

When I got back, it was time to fit the featherboard to the outside rear wall.

The rear of the barn is close up against my old workshop (which was a sun room when we bought the house in 2018) and so photos are difficult.

Rear wall featherboard Rear wall featherboard

I used the same technique as I did for the front of the barn, with 50 x 50mm uprights each side of the window which I think looks really good.

The featherboard went up very quickly and easily as there are no wind braces to deal with on the rear of the barn.

The waterproofing was completed (apart from the end wall!) by glazing the front window.

Glazing of front window

This allowed me to rearrange the workshop into what I think will be it’s final layout with the bench along the end wall.

The barn - final layout

This is a wide angle shot – the tie beam doesn’t really curve up like that!




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