Rear wall frames, window and breather paper

January 2022

With Christmas over and winter set in I needed to refocus on progressing the finishing of the barn. At this point the barn looks finished from the front but the back is still open. Although the wind and rain doesn’t come from this direction, some does come in and having no walls does restrict what you can do along the back of the building!

Rear wall

The wall panel frames are made but need fettling and fixing.

Rear wall Rear wall

Once fixed I put breather paper on the outside.

Rear wall

I also cut down a Corian kitchen top I’d picked up secondhand and put it in place on trestles. It will get fitted properly and plumbed-in later.

I glazed the rear window before I fitted it.

Rear wall window Rear wall window

This work stopped the water coming in for the moment. Next I will need to fit the featherboard to the outside.




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