Panel to Left of Door Complete – green oak barn

Tuesday 24/8/21

With the wedding dining table project complete, I was able to get back to working on the barn. Today I put in the featherboards to the left of the door opening.

Featherboarding the panel left of the door opening

These boards went up very quickly as there were no braces involved.

Panel left of the door opening complete - 1

And I was very pleased with the result. It makes a big difference having a corner of the building complete (at least from the outside).

Panel left of the door opening complete - 2

While I was involved on the wedding dining table project, my wife found some secondhand oak doors on Facebook Market Place and we went to pick them up last week. So I finished the day by offering these up and temporarily clamping them in place to give a preview of what they are going to look like when the barn is finished. Although these doors were originally hinged, here they will be sliding. I still need to work out how best to achieve this.

A preview of the doors

Onwards and upwards.

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