Re-think on Featherboard Spacing – green oak barn

Wednesday 28/7/21

First panel section nearly complete - 2 Although I was happy with the overall effect of the featherboard fixing I did yesterday, there were one or two niggles. The main one was the spacing of the stainless steel fixings. They look too high.

Also, because the top boards need to be pushed up behind the braces before the lower boards are fitted, you need to know the width of the top board before you fix the boards below it. This means you can’t measure the width in-situ, you have to know it before hand and I got this wrong yesterday.

So all the boards came off and I made a horizontal wall template so that I could lay out the new boards and establish the width of the top one before they were fixed in place.

Template table Featherboard layout template - 1
Spacer templates Featherboard layout template - 2

With the boards laid out horizontal I was able to work out a better, more central position for the fixings.

I was pleased with the result of this extra work:

Featherboard spacing - 1
Re-built first panel - 1

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