First Window Frame Fixed – green oak barn

Saturday 24/7/21

Today I reassembled the large front window after painting and fixed it into the wall panel frame. I started by attaching expanding foam around the edges of the window frame.

Attaching expanding foam tape - 1 Attaching expanding foam tape - 2

I then temporarily fixed strips of polythene to the wall panel frame to help compress the expanding foam and help it slide in. This was 95% successful. I had some difficulty as I had allowed the expanding foam to expand since a I last used it. Note to self: pack away expanding foam tape properly after use!

Polythene strips attached to wall panel frame

Once the frame was in I pulled out the polythene and fixed the window frame to the wall panel frame with four stainless steel screws. On the inside I’ve allowed 10mm of protrusion so that the window frame will sit flush with the 10mm internal wall panels.

First window frame in place - inside

This is how it look from the outside. The next job will be to put the featherboard on.

First window frame in place - outside




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