Roofers: Day 5 – Roof Complete – green oak barn

Monday 7/6/21

Roof complete - 2

MGS Roofing (Mat and Charlie) completed the roof today. This happened in my absence unfortunately so the topping out ceremony has been postponed.

I’m very pleased with the result overall although I’m a bit disappointed that in some places you can see the dry ridge flashing. I’ll talk to Mat about this and hopefully this can be corrected.

Exposed flashing - 1

I really like the dry ridge system both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Even with dry ridges the bottom ridge tile on each hip needs to be filled with mortar and so do the joints at each end of the ridge. These were done with black mortar which means they don’t stand out particularly. All very smart.

Black mortar

With my virus infection gone and a clear site I now need to get on with the walls.

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Roof complete



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