Roofers: Day 1 – green oak barn

Tuesday 1/6/21

At 7:25am Mathew (sic) and Charlie arrived, five minutes early(!), to start on the roof. Although I’d spent hours on Google working out how to lay a slate roof, Jane drew a line and said I wasn’t to do it myself! This was wise advice I think as I seem to have lost any ability I had to bounce when I fall. Although I don’t expect the roofers to fall, I, may well have done.

We went out for the day to give them and completely clear run on their first day. This is how things looked when we got back.

Roof at end of day 1 - 1
Roof at end of day 1 - 2

Incredible progress in just one day.

So we ended the day with drinks on our new gin terrace…

Drinks on the gin terrace

… looking out over the South Downs!

Key posts

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