Installation of Fireboard – green oak barn

Saturday 5/6/21

The construction of the barn was anticipated when we built the house extension and a 10mm armoured electricity cable was laid from the house to the slab. This was left long and a consumer unit attached to the end. This consumer unit was temporarily mounted on the wall in the sun house I’ve been using as a temporary, very cramped workshop.

It is now time to move all the elements on the consumer unit board in the sun house into the barn.

Temporary consumer unit board

I can’t fix the central, rear wall panel frame until this is done as the 10mm electricity cable currently passes through the hole the window will go in.

In preparation for this I installed a ‘Fireboard’ – a fire-rated piece of plasterboard – on the wall panel frame inside the doorway.

Fireboard installed

I marked this up to show where the individual elements should go. I’m hoping the consumer unit items can be attached directly to this.

Consumer board layout

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