Adding rafter brackets – green oak barn

Friday 25/6/21

I re-started work on the barn today after a collapsing terrace wall and bad weather pulled me away for a couple of weeks. The focus of this restart was determined by a comment by Peter Boxer on this blog post which set me wondering if the fixing method I’d used between the rafters and the wall plate was sufficient. I think it is, but Peter’s comment ignited a seed of doubt which wouldn’t go away. So after thinking about it over the last two weeks I decided I should strengthen these joints – all 60 of the them – while I could still get to them.

Rafter bracket

I opted to fix a 50mm x 60mm galvanised bracket at the foot of each rafter.

Rafter brackets

I think this is probably a bit over the top but it’s worth it to get rid of that niggle of doubt.

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