Wall Repair: Step 1 – green oak barn

Monday 17/5/21

Today I went right outside my comfort zone and started to repair the wall under one of the central fixings for the wall sill timber. I am not good with bricks and mortar.

I started out by cleaning up the gap to be filled and I pulled the threaded bar up out of the way.

Defining edges of wall repair

I then laid the first two courses leaving a hole for the threaded bar. I made sure that the the sides and bottom of this hole were sealed with mortar. [Addendum: it turned out that I failed seal the hole properly. See Fixing the Wall Panel Frames: Day 2].

First two courses

I then pushed the threaded bar back down into the hole.

Cavity to epoxy

Here’s close-up.

Cavity to epoxy - close-up

I now intend to wait for this to go off and then fill the hole to this level with epoxy resin. I’ll then wait for that to go off before completing the brickwork and filling the space above the epoxy with bricks and mortar. I’m hoping that the block of epoxy bonded to the threaded bar and the brickwork around it will provide a strong enough anchor for the fixing. Fingers crossed.




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