Three More Wall Panel Frames Complete – green oak barn

Tuesday 11/5/21

Going for my second COVID jab took a chunk out of today but I made good progress none the less. I got the frames on each side of the doorway completed and was well on the way to finishing the rear frame for the middle bay by the end of the day.

End of the day 11/5/21

I mentioned yesterday that I’d decided to the use the wood I had left over from the roof for the frames before ordering more. This meant I had to rip it down and this left me with a significant amount of 2″ x 2″.

2" x 2"

I’m using this for the noggins which is working really well and will be arguably more stable than using single pieces of 4″ x 2″.

Composite noggins

Tomorrow I will continue to work on the remaining wall frames.




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