Securing the Fixings for the Wall Sill – green oak frame

Monday 10/5/21

Epoxt calculations for wall sill fixingsI was only able to work in the afternoon today. I started by calculating the volume of epoxy resin I would need to secure the threaded bars which are to hold the wall sill beam in place. Regular readers will recall that this beam has a serious bow in it and is currently being held level with a steel bar and two lorry straps.

I was going to use a cartridge syringe for this as I did to secure the main posts. However, this epoxy was going straight down into the wall so I decided on another approach.

I cut a short length of 15mm plastic water pipe just long enough to pass through the sill beam and into the 20mm hole in the wall and poured 100ml of the epoxy straight in.

Pouring in the epoxy

I then removed the plastic pipe and pushed in the threaded bar with nut and washer attached as far as it would go.

Re-inserted fixing

I’ll now wait 48 hours for the epoxy to go off before tightening these nuts and removing the lorry straps. Hopefully they will be anchored strongly enough to take the strain.

I spent the rest of the day cutting the timbers I need for three more of the wall panel frames. I decided to do this from treated timber I had left over from the roof. This involved ripping down wider pieces of timber. This cleared the pile of ‘yet to be used’ treated softwood which is good thing to have done.

Lining up the timber for the wall panel frames

Tomorrow I will build these frames and acquire the additional timber I need for the last four wall panel frames and start building them.




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