Fixing the Wall Panel Frames: Day 2 – green oak barn

Thursday 20/5/21

Another part-time day today dodging showers. I started by mixing some epoxy resin to fill the hole I’d left when I started to rebuild the wall.

Pour in the epoxy resin

This was a complete failure! It all drained away. The cavity was obviously not sealed as I thought it was. I am not quite sure what to do about this at this stage. Watch this space!

I removed the front right wall panel frame and set up a platform so that I could plane off a couple of millimetres to make room for the expanding tape.

Plaing down the edge of the front right wall panel frame - 2

I also needed to plane a bit off the top. I raised the platform to do this.

Plaing down the top of the front right wall panel frame

I put the frame in place using the same technique developed here. As expected, initially, in some places, there were gaps between the frame and the green oak posts.

Initial gap between wall panel frame and green oak post

However, the tape soon expanded to fill these gaps. Perfect.

Gap closed between wall panel frame and green oak post

Next I’ll work on the left front wall panel frame before I start fitting the featherboard.

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