Fixing the Wall – green oak barn

Monday 31/5/21

I’ve been fighting a non-COVID virus over the last few days – I blame the grandchildren – and so I’ve not done much to advance the project. However, today my recovery began and I felt I could potter about doing small jobs that did not require any particular physical effort!

First, I returned to the problem of anchoring the wall sill fixing. Last time I tried to do this the epoxy resin just drained away into the wall. While rummaging around in one of my temporary storage tents I came across a half-used cartridge of ‘Anchor Bond’.

Anchor Bond cartridge

I cut the nozzle off this as it was blocked, squeezed out the dual component contents and mixed them by hand and then trowelled the mixture into the same hole I’d poured the epoxy into previously. This seemed to work well.

Anchor Bond in place

I then built up another course of bricks and poured epoxy resin in on top of the Anchor Bond.

Epoxy resin top-up - 1
Epoxy resin top-up - 2

This seems to have worked a treat. No leakage this time. I then completed the replacement of the loose bricks in the wall and, given that I am completely useless with bricks and mortar, I was fairly pleased with the result.

Wall repair complete

I then set about repointing bits on the other side (the outside) of the wall.

Unrepaired wall
Repaired wall

A good start but there is still plenty more repointing to do.

I will now have a few more days off the project as the roofers are due to start tomorrow and I want to leave them to have a clear run.

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