Fettling – green oak barn

Sunday 2/5/21

Today was essentially a day off but I did get one or two things done in between the showers.

I cut off the overlong heal of the birdsmouths on the righthand hip rafters and was pleased with the result.

Rounded off hip rafter birdsmouth

We made an error when measuring the birdsmouth of left front green oak hip rafter. We inserted temporary packers when we first installed this. Today I made and installed bespoke opposing wedges. This turns a mistake into a ‘feature’ and future talking point!

Opposing wedges - hip birdsmouth - 1Opposing wedges - hip birdsmouth - 2

I laid up the bricks ready for Mike Hillier who’s coming on Wednesday and in the process realised I was 25 short. I will buy some more on Tuesday.

Setting out bricks




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