Dwarf Walls and Ceiling Joists – green oak barn

Wednesday 6/5/21

Door posts anchored with epoxy

Today the internal layout of the barn started to manifest itself. I started by pegging the top of the door posts and removing the packing that has been in place since I secured the bases of the posts with epoxy resin.

This left them looking like they were floating in thin air. Later in the day this space was filled by the dwarf wall brickwork.

Door post peg Door post to slab epoxy fixing

Then Mike Hillier arrived and cleaned the lines between the posts in preparation for laying bricks.


While the brickwork progressed I modified and secured the joist hangers on the right face of the righthand tie beam.

Joist hangers

I then went off to buy the timber for the joists. These came straight off the Land Rover…

Joists on Land Rover

…and on to trestles where they were subject to a single cut…

Cutting joists - 2

…before being lifted into place. This was quick-fire, high impact work!

Half the joists in place

These joists will form the ceiling to the righthand open bay and also the floor for the storage area above.

By the end of the day the inside space had been defined by the dwarf walls.

Dwarf walls in place

And the outside space had been defined by the ceiling joists.

All joists in place (from front)

I’m really pleased with the detail of the dwarf wall…

Dwarf wall detail - 1 Dwarf wall detail - 3Dwarf wall detail - 4 Dwarf wall detail - 2

I now need to wait a few days for the mortar to set before starting on the wall panels.




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