Door Posts Secured – green oak barn

Saturday 1/5/21

Today’s activities were defined by this 20mm mild steel bar arriving. I wasn’t expecting it until after the Bank Holiday.

20mm mild steel bar

This replaced the 20mm stainless steel threaded bar that I needed to secure the door posts.

Treaded bar through the wall

The use of the threaded bar was only supposed to be a temporary measure and indeed the 20mm mild steel bar that has now replaced it will also be temporary. I’m using this arrangement to ‘take the sting’ out of the bow in the wall sill before I finally secure it with threaded bars held in place by epoxy.

Taking out the bow in the wall sill

Having freed the stainless steel bar, I cut two 300mm lengths from it and screwed these into 19mm holes in the base of the door posts. I used tallow to help in this process. I initially screwed the bar in 150mm in anticipation of screwing it back out by 50mm later (see below).

Screwing the 20mm threaded bar into a 19mm hole in the door post

With the threaded bar in place I offered the posts up into their mortices in the tie beam.

Top of door post

I then pushed the posts home into their top mortices so that they were the correct height above the slab.

Treaded bar above hole in concrete

I then unscrewed the threaded bar about 60mm into the hole I’d prepared in the slab.

Treaded bar lowered into hole in concrete

I then poured epoxy resin into the hole around the threaded bar. This should be enough to secure the posts. However, they will eventually sit on brick plinths which will be built underneath them on Wednesday.

Epoxy poured to secure threaded bar and post

Here is the doorway as defined by the posts looking from the inside of the barn. I put polythene sheeting around the base to keep off the wore of the rain that is forecast.

Door posts secured

Onwards and upwards.




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