Cutting and Painting Soffits – green oak barn

Wednesday 19/5/21

I have gone out to tender for the felting, battening and slating of the roof. Quotes have started to come in and so work could start soon. So today I switched to the cutting and painting of the soffits that will go on top of the exposed rafter ends. See the diagram below.

Plywood soffit

I cut these out of good quality 9mm plywood putting a 50 degree angle on the lower edge.

Cutting the soffits

The roofer could have done this work but I wanted to paint them before they went in place as it is so much easier to do this before they are cut and fitted and the roofer’s workflow would not have allowed this.

Painting the soffits - 2

Painting the soffits - 3

Tomorrow I’ll put on a second coat.

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