Threaded Bar for Posts and Tie Beam Ends – green oak barn

Saturday 17/4/21

Today I did odd jobs in preparation for the barn raising next week. I cut the 20mm stainless steel threaded bar read to screw into the base of the posts. These will sit in the holes in the centre of the brick plinths and be secured with epoxy resin.

Threaded bar for posts

I then started a test of the epoxy resin using a bar off-cut and will report on this tomorrow.

I marked and cut the ends of the tie beams. I did the first part of the cut with the circular saw and…

Tie beam ends - 1

…finished by hand.

Tie beam ends - 2Tie beam ends - 3

At dusk I checked the level of the wall sill using the laser…

Laser level - 1

..and adjusted the sill in both directions…

Laser level - 3 Laser level - 2

…until it was straight and level.

Levelling the sill

Tomorrow I will work on the fixings which will secure the sill to the wall and hopefully take some of the bow out of the middle of it too.




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