Softwood Roof Complete – green oak barn

Friday 30/4/21

I started the day moving the scaffolding and organising the remaining elements of the roof and then set about fitting the lefthand jack rafters.

I’d finished the softwood roof by lunchtime. I didn’t hang around as it looked like it was going to rain. In the end only a few drops fell.

Softwood roof complete - 5
Softwood roof complete - 2 Softwood roof complete - 3
Softwood roof complete - 4 Softwood roof complete - 1

Here’s the time lapse. Apologies for the glare.

I also contacted a roofer as I’ve decided that slating the roof is too dangerous! He’s coming to look on Tuesday.

I will now turn to fitting the door posts and I’ll be asking Mike Hillier to return to build the dwarf walls so that I can start on the walls.




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