Softwood Common Rafters – green oak barn

Wednesday and Thursday 7/4/21 and 8/4/21

While I contemplate what to do about the softwood hip rafters, I’ve got on with other things. I finished painting the feet of the jack rafters that we fitted a while ago.

Painting the rafter feet

I then cut the remaining common rafters.

Prepared common rafters

I’ve decided to fit a Velux window in the centre of the rear elevation of the roof and so I’m making the roof ‘Velux ready’ by changing the spacing of the common rafters from the original plan to accommodate the Velux without the need for further modification later. I marked the new position of the common rafters…

Common rafter spacing - 1

…along the full length of the ridge and transposed these to the other side. I made corresponding marks on the wall plates.

Common rafter spacing - 2

I then fixed the the common rafters. I generally found it easier to fit the top of the rafter first.

Top fixing of common rafters

Where necessary, I used clamps to pull in the bottom of the rafter before fixing it to the wall plate.

Bottom fixing of common rafters - 1

By the end of Thursday, all common rafters were fitted on both front and…

Common rafters in place - front

…rear elevations. Tomorrow I will mark out and cut the hip rafters for the righthand side of the building and if that goes well I’ll start cutting the jack rafters for this side of the roof.

Common rafters in place - rear




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