Righthand Jack Rafters – green oak barn

Saturday 11/4/21

The roof structure

After the trauma of yesterday I started on the marking up and cutting of the jack rafters. This is a task done from the measurements in the roof plan, taking great care to get the bevelled mitre joints in the right orientation. I then split the jack rafters into two lots – half to go on the front and rear of the roof hip and half to go on the end – and set about cutting the birdsmoths on the first lot using my template.

Birdsmouth template

This is a very quick process thanks to the template. I then labelled these and updated the plan with this information.

Jack rafters - front and rear of righthand hip

Tomorrow I will have to cut the birdsmouths on the other lot OF jack rafters. These will have to marked up by hand as they will be slightly different to the standard due to the adjustments I had to make to the king rafter yesterday.




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