Raising the Barn: Day 3 – green oak barn

Tuesday 20/4/21

Today we started using the Genie Lift for the first time. It’s a great piece of kit. As part of the hire, I ordered the aluminium fork extensions and it’s just as well I did. The job would have been a bit tricky without them.

You’re able to move items up and down with a great deal of precision and soon we had the first wall plate (rear, left) and braces in position.

First go with the Genie Lift

With the wall plate in place, I was very pleased with how the first long post landed on the plinth. We still had a bit of adjustment to do but this bodes well.

Placement of the first post on the brick plinth

Due to my desire to make the most of the aesthetic of the braces from the inside and outside of the building, the brace positions are complicated (see Brace Position). This in turn makes some of the peg hole positions tricky too. This is the case where the shoulders of the cross frame braces cover, or largely cover, the peg exit holes of some of the wall braces. Rather than hide this, and use blind pegs, I thought I’d make a feature of it by creating pockets for the end of the pegs to emerge into. I made these with a 25mm forstner bit and created shoulders with a chisel.

Peg sockets - 1 Peg sockets - 3
Peg sockets - 4

I think these are going to work well. Here they are with pegs in place on the rear corner of the building.

Peg sockets - 5

By the end of the day the first bay was in place.

Barn raising: first bay - 2

So we had a drink to celebrate.

End of 21/4/21

The barn raising will continue tomorrow.




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