Rafter Painting and Door Posts – green oak barn

Wednesday 14/4/21

Today I continued with the painting of the rafter ends. Most rafters now have two coats.

Painted rafters

I also had time to think about how to attach the door posts I picked up yesterday. These will be joined to the righthand tie beam which is 50mm narrower than the posts it sits on. This complicates things as I’d like the face of these door posts to be in line with the faces of main the posts. In this configuration the door posts and the main posts will form a frame for the feather boards of the walls which I think will work well. So this is the joint I’ve come up with.

Door post dimensions

In between the painting I was able to start on the first of these unconventional joints.

Top joint of left door post

Tomorrow I hope to finish the painting of the rafters and get both of these door post joints finished. On Friday we expect to break down the trusses, make the mortices for these door post joints and start preparing for the raising of the barn.




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