Preparing for the Raising of the Barn – green oak barn

Thursday 15/4/21

Today I finished painting the rafter ends, finished the top joint on the second door post and started preparing to put the barn up.

Top joints of door posts

The first thing we will have to do is position the wall sill and fix it to the wall. This timber also has a significant curve in it so we are hoping to take most of the curve out with the fixings.

The idea is to use threaded bar held into deep holes in the wall with epoxy resin. The nuts will need to be recessed and accessible as it is likely that they will need tightening as the sill timber dries out and shrinks.

I used the drill guide to first drill a hole big enough to take a washer and nut using the drill guide and a forstner bit.

Drilling fixing holes - 1

Without moving the drill guide, I changed the bit for a long 16mm spade bit.

Drilling fixing holes - 3

This worked well.

Fixing hole

The 16mm hole is big enough to take a 14mm masonry bit which we will use to drill pilot holes for the 12mm threaded bar. We will then drill out the 14mm hole in the wall with a 20mm bit. We plan to half fill the 20mm hole in the wall with epoxy resin through the hole in the sill and immediately drop in the threaded bar through the same hole. We will then leave the epoxy to go off before tightening the nuts.




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