Painting the Softwood Rafter Ends – green oak barn

Tuesday 13/4/21

Now that the oak frame is complete, the urge to start putting the frame up is very strong. However, we are resisting the temptation and doing a few tasks that it’s sensible to do before the tent comes down. The softwood arrived a few weeks ago and was very wet. It’s now pretty dry and it makes sense to paint the rafter ends now under the cover of the tent. It’s also much easier doing this now while they are still on the ground.

Painting softwood rafter ends

After doing this it was nice to get the saw out and cut new softwood hips to replace the lefthhand ones we’d had to attach packers too. See Fixing the Softwood Hip Rafters.

Cutting replacement hip rafters

I also took time out to collect two 150 mm x 150 mm green oak posts from W L West. These are non-structural and will sit each side of the door opening underneath the righthand tie beam.

Posts for door opening

Tomorrow the priority will be to get a second coat of paint on the rafter ends before we start preparing for the erection of the frame on Thursday.




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