Fitting the Righthand Green Oak Hips – green oak barn

Monday 11/4/21

Today we achieved a significant milestone. We completed all the structural elements of the green oak frame by fitting the last two green oak hip rafters.

Ben working on the penultimate green oak hip

The top joint of these rafters is the most complicated in the whole structure and is a bear trap unless you proceed this extreme caution which is what we did.

Top joint of the rear right green oak hip - 1

With a little fettling of the birdsmouth, the rear rafter fitted perfectly at the top and…

Top joint in place - right rear green oak hip

…the bottom.

Bottom joint in place - right rear green oak hip

We repeated our cautious approach with the front hip rafter and that fitted perfectly too. The geometry of the top joints of these rafters means you cannot put them both in place with the ridge beam in place. We had to remove the rear rafter to test the fit of the front rafter.

We stacked the hip rafters away to clear the decks for a day of painting tomorrow.




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