Epoxy Test and Sill Fixings – green oak barn

Sunday 18/4/21

Yesterday afternoon I set up a test of the epoxy resin system we intend to use to secure the posts to the brink plinths (see also: Modifying the Brick Plinths). I took an off-cut of the 20mm threaded bar and left it in the epoxy mix in a hole in a brick. This morning the resin was rock solid and the threaded bar totally secure. This method is going to work well.

Epoxy test - 2 Epoxy test - 3

It was time to fix the wall sill. I was bit anxious about doing this before proceeding with the erection of the first bay of the barn in case minor adjustments are needed. However, we need to take out some of the bow in the sill before constructing the rest of the end wall. How could we do this without fixing the sill? A dilemma. But overnight I had a brainwave – I came up with a method of taking the bow out of the sill while leaving it unfixed.

I drilled a 20mm hole through the centre of the wall at its base and inserted a 20mm threaded bar so that it protruded on both sides. I then hooked up a lorry strap to both sides and applied tension.

Taking out the bow in the wall sill Lorry strap fixing

This worked brilliantly. I then drilled 15mm pilot holes through the fixings holes in the sill that I’d cut previously.

Drilling the fixings pilot hole

I then released the lorry straps, lifted the sill onto a central fulcrum and swung it out of the way to expand the 15mm pilot holes to 20mm. I then swung to sill back in place and reapplied the lorry straps.

I then cut 12mm stainless steel threaded bars and dropped these into the 20mm holes through the fixing holes.

Recessed fixing - wall sill

When ready, we will pull these bars back out, half fill the 20mm hole with epoxy resin and replace the bar. When the resin is set we’ll tighten the nuts and remove the lorry straps.

At some point tomorrow the Genie Lift should arrive and the barn raising can begin in earnest. An exciting week ahead.




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