Truss and First Ridge Beam Brace – green oak barn

Tuesday 23/3/21

Today Ben carried on with the righthand truss.

Top tenon of principal rafter

He got the first principal rafter in place…

First principal rafter of righthand truss

…and started work on the second one.

Ben working on the second principal rafter

By the end of the day the second principal rafter was marked up on both ends.

Second principal rafter mark-up - 1 Second principal rafter mark-up - 2

I had decided overnight that the ridge beam was sitting too high in its joint with the king post so I lowered it by adjusting the position of the bearing shoulders in the king post and removing some material from the ridge beam.

Lowering the ridge beam - 1

Here’s the before and after.

King post to ridge beam joint - 2 Lowered ridge beam

With the ridge beam sitting at the right height in the king post, I turned my attention to the first ridge beam brace. This is the 21st brace of 22! I used a brace blank with a very bad split in it but was able to lose most of the split. I chose a steep angle for this brace as the distance between the king posts is only about two metres and I wanted clear space between the two braces.

Laying up the first king post brace

I also think the steep angle will look really good when viewed from the ground.

After marking up the brace I cut the tenons and clamped it in place under the king post and ridge beam.

First king post brace - 2

Tomorrow I will start by marking up the mortices.

First king post brace - 1

Tomorrow we should finish the truss and this brace.




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