Second Truss and First Ridge Brace Complete – green oak barn

Wednesday 24/3/21

Today Ben finished the second (and final) truss and was pretty pleased with it.

I completed the lefthand ridge brace and was pretty pleased with that too.

Lefthand ridge brace in place - 2

We really are on the home straight now. There are just seven joints left to do:

  1. The king post to ridge beam joint for the truss that Ben just completed
  2. The two joints on the final, righthand ridge beam brace
  3. The two joints on each of the remaining two hip rafters

The plan is to complete the first two of the above items and then clear the slab, take down the tent, set up the wall plates at ground level and put the upper part of the frame together. We will complete the hip rafters as part of this process. We’ve decided to do this so that we can make any modifications needed to the roof structure at ground level.




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