Righthand King Post To Ridge Beam Joint and Last Brace – green oak barn

Friday 26/3/21

Excluding the hip rafter joints, there are 82 joints in this frame and by the end of today I was half way through the last two but before I got to those I needed to finish the king post to rafter joint I started yesterday.

Second king post to ridge joint

With that done I laid on the last brace. This had already been cut in error when we were doing the braces into the first tie beam. There are two sizes of brace in the frame: 175mm wide ones are in the front and rear walls and ridge; 200mm ones are used for the cross frames (the timbers going across the building from the back to the front). When we were doing the first tie beam braces we started using a 175mm brace by mistake – luckily we spotted our mistake in time and put it to one side to use for the ridge. It was a lot more complicated making up an already partially cut brace.

Second ridge beam brace

By the end of the day I’d cut the template for the last ridge in the frame and cut the shoulders and clamped it in position.

Second ridge brace - 3

Tomorrow I will cut the mortices the last two mortices.




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