Righthand king Post to Rafter Joint – green oak barn

Thursday 25/3/21

It was a short day today. Ben came over for an hour and we dismantled and packed away the righthand truss he completed yesterday. As soon as we released the pin at the bottom of the king post the it moved out of its mortice by about 8mm. This is how experts build trusses – with the king post under tension! There was great pride in having achieved this.

Truss tension - 2

In 250 years time when the truss I built is sagging by 10mm and Ben’s truss is still perfectly horizontal this will be the explanation.

Truss tension - 1

With the righthand truss dismantled, Ben handed over the king post to me with the task of joining it to the ridge beam.

Righthand king post to rafter joint - 1

I laid this up alongside the ridge beam, marked up the joint and started cutting it out.

Righthand king post to rafter joint - 2

Tomorrow I will complete this joint and start on the last brace of the project (22 of 22).




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