Righthand Corner Ties – green oak barn

Monday 8/3/21

Now would be a good time to put in the corner ties to provide a platform for the green oak hip rafters for the right roof hip. However, we don’t have brace off-cuts long enough fir this. All the same we thought we’d have a check. Sure enough, none of the brace off-cuts we long enough. However, we did find a hip rafter off-cut that was just long enough. In fact we had two. I’d forgotten about these.

Hip rafter off-cut

One of these had evidence of woodworm so we discarded that one and cut a piece off one the remaining two unprepared hip rafter timbers.

Simon working on the right rear corner tie

These ties went in with no problems.

Rear right corner tie

It was now time to drop the front and rear wall plates to the floor so that we could work on the joints between the right hand end wall plate and its associated posts. To do this we needed to be absolutely certain we were working with the right posts! This is when the fun started.

I was sure I’d marked all the rear wall elements with Cs: the first post was C, second post CC and so on with the left brace to the second post marked CCL, the right one CCR and so on. With this in our minds the corner posts at each end of the end wall plate were not right. So the braces came out in the hope that this would clarify things but they didn’t.

Sorting out the braces - 1

Totally confused we packed up for the day with the idea of having a fresh look in the morning.

I went indoors and relayed our conundrum to Jane. “Check the blog” she said. I did and it all became clear. This was the clarifying picture from this post of 18/12/20.

Offering up the post and braces - 1

It turns out the C posts were the front wall not the back! It’s incredible how you can forget what you did! Anyway with this information everything became clear and we will be able to proceed tomorrow with the confidence that we will be working with the right posts!




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