Right Tie Beam Brace Mortices – green oak barn

Wednesday 17/3/21

Ben is a step behind me on these tie beam braces and he started today by cutting and marking out his brace blank.

Ben's brace blank

I cut the bottom (post) mortice for mine and fitted it.

Rear right tie beam brace - 1

Because of the complicated brace positioning, there is some cross-over of the brace mortices in the post. Here you can see the tenon of the tie beam brace encroaching on the mortice of one of the rear wall braces.

Brace tenon clash - 1

Also the shoulder of the brace will cover the peg holes of one of the back wall braces. We will need to create some sort of pocket on the shoulder of the brace to accommodate the pegs. We’ve yet to decide how exactly we are going to do this but it will probably involve the drill guide.

Covered peg holes

With regard to the mortice cross-over, we dealt with this by marking…

Brace tenon clash - 2

…and taking out a notch on the tenon of the tie beam brace.

Brace tenon clash - 3

We hope to finish these tie beam braces tomorrow.




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