Right End Wall Plate Braces – green oak barn

Wednesday 10/3/21

We’ve enjoyed several spring-like, sunny days but today the weather turned. It was windy and wet. All the same we made some progress on the two righthand end wall plate braces.

The geometry of these is unique as they link to a wall plate turned on its edge – this is an earlier decision. We deduced its position using the following rules:

  1. The nose of the lower joint must be the same as all the other cross frame braces (one metre down from the top of the post) and
  2. The slope must be the same.

After marking out the braces…

Laying up the rear end cross frame brace - 1

…we cut the basic shape.

Brace template cut

And then cut the tenons.

Brace tenons cut

I then marked out the mortice on the post and cut out the majority of material using the morticer.


My next job will be to clean out this mortice by hand.

We then consulted the weather forecast. This predicted 40 to 50 mile an hours winds tonight.

Weather forecast - 10/3/21

So, based on a previous experience, the tent came down.

End of day 10/3/21 - tent down

We won’t be working tomorrow due the high winds and rain forecast.




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