Right End Wall Plate Braces, Day 2 – green oak barn

Thursday 11/3/21

We weren’t expecting to work today but the weather turned out better than we thought and we got a full afternoon in.

We worked on the braces at each end of the end wall plate at the right of the building.

Ben started by working on his brace tenons.


I cleaned out after the morticer I’d used yesterday.

Rear right brace mortice

While Ben got going with the morticer at the other end.

We decided to use the same approach as we’d used on the braces in the front wall: fixing the lower joint first…

Rear right brace

…and using it to check the precise position of the mortice for the upper joint.

Simon with morticer - 2 Simon with morticer - 4

Right rear brace

Hopefully, we will be able to finish these joints tomorrow. Interestingly, the wall plate looks a lot shorter with the braces nearly in place.

Right end cross frame comes together








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