Moving Into the Final Phase – green oak barn

Sunday 14/3/21

We didn’t work today but I did get the tent back up.

Tent goes back up - 14/3/21

I thought it was time to take stock.

It feels like we are entering the final phase of the timber frame aspects of the project. These are the only pieces of unworked timber left. From front to back:

    • The righthand tie beam
    • The ridge beam and
    • The two righthand hip rafters and
    • The king post and principal rafters for the righthand truss
    • Four braces (not in the picture)

Unworked timber 13/3/21

Most of the remaining steps we have done before. They are:

  1. Move in the tie beam and make the cog joints that link it to the front and rear wall plates. See: Cog Joints on the First Tie Beam.
  2. Drop the wall plates to the floor, bring in the righthand middle posts and create the joints for the braces. See: First Tie Beam Braces.
  3. Pack the posts and braces away, bring in the king post and principal rafters and make the righthand truss. See: First King Post.
  4. Build the softwood parts of the righthand hip of the roof. See: Starting on the Roof.
  5. Cut and fit the green oak hip rafters. See: Righthand Corner Ties.

And finally, after taking all the above down:

  1. Lay up the two king posts and fit the ridge beam with its two braces.

Nearly there!




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