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Sunday 28/3/21

As my attention is drawn towards the erection of the frame I need to think beyond the frame. Today I modified the cavity in the brick plinths to take the epoxy resin that will hold the base of the posts in place.

This is what the plinths looked like before I started. The cavity is 85mm x 85mm and 145mm deep. This is far too large to fill with epoxy and so needs to be reduced in size.

Brick plinth

I did this by inserting a piece of 40mm waste pipe in the centre of the cavity and filling the cavity around it with concrete to within 10mm of the top.

Concrete infill layer

I finished the fill with mortar to achieve a smoother top surface.

Mortar infill layer

Finally, I used a modified piece of copper pipe to create a channel from the corner of the original cavity to what will be a cylindrical hole in the middle of the plinth once the plastic pipe is removed.

Duct tool

Here you see the channel made by the copper pipe.

Completed plinth infill

Before erecting the posts we will drive a 20mm threaded bar into a 19mm hole in the base of the post. We will then tack a spacer plate, 12mm thick to the base of the post. The threaded bar will protrude 120mm and will go into the hole in the plinth. We will then pour epoxy resin through the gap created by the spacer plate and into the channel so that it fills the hole around the treaded bar.




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