Fitting the Green Oak Rafters – 1 – green oak barn

Wednesday 31/3/21

The objective today was to fit the green oak rafters but things didn’t work out this way. We started by taking out any twisting of the wall plates.

Levelling up the righthand end wall plate

Ben then secured the corner ties.

Ben fixing the corner ties

We then offered up the green oak rafters that we’d cut previously using a template green oak and softwood ridges – see Green Ridge to Hip Joint. Unfortunately, they did not align. The only explanation for this is that our softwood and green oak ridge templates were not accurate enough or poorly positioned.

Mis-aligned green oak hips

After much deliberation we decided to revert to first principles. It is the position of the softwood roof structure that determines where the hip rafters should go so we decided to put this back up.

Softwood hip rafters and key common rafters

Tomorrow we will try to fit the green oak rafters again.

Meanwhile the windows arrived from Wooden Windows in Cobridge, Stoke on Trent and they are beautiful! Wooden Windows supplied the windows we needed for our recent house extension.

Large window - frontSmall window - rear

Onwards and upwards!




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