Fettling Righthand Wall Plate Corner Joints – green oak barn

Sunday 7/3/21

I woke this morning with the horrible thought that we may have got the wall plates around the wrong way – the front on the rear and vice versa. At the same time I was pretty sure we hadn’t. But I wasn’t that sure. So I got up and, before breakfast, went straight out to check. Everything was OK.

That was about the sum total of my input today as I was pulled off onto other things. However, Ben came around and fettled both of the joints we’d worked on yesterday.

They looked really good when he had finished.

Wall plate joint - front right - 2

This shows the way the end wall plate sits lower than the side one.

Wall plate joint - rear right - 1

This gives an idea of how this joint will interface with the post. We will start to work on this joint and the braces between the post and the end wall plate tomorrow.

Wall plate joint - rear right - showing post position

End of day 7/3/21




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