Dovetail Joints On Right End Wall Plate – green oak barn

Saturday 6/3/21

After a lot of discussion and toing and froing we’ve decided to reorientate the end wall plate on the right of the barn so that its widest dimension is vertical and not horizontal like the other wall plates. This is going to complicate things considerably. However, we’ve done this because of the length of the span. The wall plate at the other end (which is the same length – obviously) has a middle support but this one doesn’t. We think this is the right decision and worth the extra work that it will create.

Bringing in the wall plates - end

Once we’d decided this, we marked out the dovetails at each end…

Rear right wall plate joint marked up

…and started cutting them – Ben at one end…

Ben works on front right wall plate joint

…and me at the other (I hadn’t realised I’d gone quite so thin on top!).

Simon with circular saw

Having cut the dovetails we marked out their corresponding mortices by measurement.

Dovetail of wall plate joint - rear right corner

We used multiple cross cuts to quickly crack out the waste on this part of the joint.

Using multiple saw cuts to remove waste

Joint on righthand end of rear wall plate

Tomorrow we will start by seeing how these joints go together.

Rear right wall plate joint ready for assembly

End of the day 6/3/21

Onwards and upwards.




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