Completing the Right End Cross Frame – green oak barn

Saturday 13/3/21

I was pleased to welcome Ben to my end of the right hand end wall plate to complete the top joint on the brace. I had got into problems with this brace for some reason which I don’t fully understand. Anyway, between us we sorted it out. After a bit a joint problem diagnosis I set to work on the mortice side of things and Ben sorted out the tenon.

Ben fettling the brace

It all went together OK.

Rear right brace end cross frame

But there is a 12mm gap at the end of the wall plate mortice which you can see from the picture below. This will need a packer. A shame but you can’t win them all!

This work completed the the righthand cross frame.

Right hand end cross frame complete

A thing that never ceases to amaze me is how, bit by bit, things get pretty complex. Look at the corner below. Multiple joints have built up one by one over the last few weeks as we’ve gone through different orientations with differ elements of the building. Very pleasing.

The complexity of the corner

With the end cross frame complete we moved the posts and braces out of the way, flipped the right end wall plate onto its lower face and moved it to the back slab. We then lifted the wall plates that we’d lowered to the floor a few days ago up onto trestles, linked them to the wall plate and dropped in the corner ties.

End of the day 13/3/21

On Monday we will lift in the right hand tie beam and start working on the cog joints that will tie it to the front and rear wall plates – a repeat of the process that started here with the left hand tie beam.




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