Building the Lefthand Hip of the Roof – green oak barn

Thursday 4/3/21

Today started with a need to cut 20-odd birdsmouths into the rafters cut yesterday. So out came the birdsmouth template I made earlier.

Birdsmouth template annotated

However, I decided to upgrade it slightly. The problem with the basic version is that there is no ‘stop’ for the second cut, you have to be careful not to over cut. To overcome this I made an insert. The first cut is made as before. The saw is fully guided and you cannot over cut.

Birdsmouth template modification - 1

After making the first cut, you drop in the new element of the template which provides a full guide and a ‘stop’ for the second cut.

Birdsmouth template modification - 2

With the birdsmouths cut the rafters went in very quickly and it all looks pretty good.

Lefthand roof hip

The rafters lined up well…

Roof end - lefthand roof hip

…in both directions.

Roof rear side - lefthand roof hip

All the rafters have been labelled and tomorrow we will take the roof apart and it will be re-erected once the oak frame is up.




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