Green Oak Ridge to Hip Joint – green oak barn

Sunday 22/2/21

A combination of things have taken us off the project for more than two weeks: the weather; getting to a complicated bit; Ben being otherwise occupied and toothache (I’m having a wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow!).

Ben consults plans

But we did get started again today; starting to work out how the green oak hips are going to fit.

Despite hours of planning and calculations, things aren’t going together as I thought.

Ridge and hip calculations

All my angles were right but somehow the hip rafter isn’t going to meet the end of the ridge beam as I expected.

Ridge and hip mock-up - 2

I’m not sure why this is. I’ll have to look at my drawings again. But anyway, we’ve decided to use softwood mock-ups of the ridge and hip to design this joint.

This is how we felt things. We now need to work out how this joint is going to work.

Ridge and hip mock-up - 3




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