Truss Layout and Reorganisation – green oak barn

Tuesday 19/1/21

Today the softwood arrived for the roof. The wider (200mm) pieces to the left are for the hip rafters and ridge. This was stacked ready to be brought in when the green oak trusses have been made.

Softwood for the roof

On the hardwood side we dismantled the posts and tie beam braces that we finished yesterday and put them away. We dropped the wall plates to the floor and the tie beam to trestles. We then started work on the first truss (= exciting). We brought in a king post and two principal rafters and laid them out roughly. I will need to do some calculations to find the exact rise of the roof. I will do that tomorrow.

First attempt at truss layout

We checked the geometry of the king post.

King post

And that took us to the end of the day.

End of the day 19/1/21

I think I will need to take off the tent roof tonight as a storm is forecast and I won’t get any sleep – through worry – if I leave it up.




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