Putting the Tent Back Up – green oak barn

Tuesday 12/1/21

Today was damp so we decided to get the repaired tent back up.

Some final repairs were required to one of the connectors.

Connector repair

We erected the repaired frame on the slab.

Tent roof frame - 1

Put on the repaired canvas.

Tent mark 2

And tied two of the posts back to timbers that were screwed to the wall.

Tent corner post - 1 Tent corner post - 2

We then laid out the lefthand end wall plate and the lefthand sections for the front and rear walls.

Wall plate layout - left

Tomorrow I’m by myself. I plan to fettle this joint, complete the one at the other end and cut the ends off the front and rear wall plates.

One-sided dovetail - wall plate - front left

It’s great to have our covered working space back. Good day.





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