Planning the Roof – green oak barn

Thursday 14/1/21

Not much sawdust was created today as we paused to consider the design of the softwood element of the roof. What prompted this was a concern as to whether there would be enough space for the green oak hip rafters on the wall plates. This is the planned roof build-up, so we are clear about how things will work along the sides of the barn but what about the corners?

Roof detail

Yesterday, concerned about this, I considered using off-cuts from the braces to create mini-braces to form a platform in the corners of the building.

Horizontal brace and hip rafter support

Horizontal brace and hip rafter support

Today Ben and I set about trying to determine whether corner platforms like this are necessary. To do this we mocked up a rafter…

Template rafter

…and a hip rafter.

Template rafter and hip rafter - 1

The conclusion was that the corner platforms will not be necessary. As the image below shows, there is enough space for the green oak hip rafter to fit under the softwood hip. The green oak hip rafter would have bird’s mouth joint so that its underside comes in roughly in line with the underside of the wall plate.

Template hip rafter - 2

We will get back to sawdust generation tomorrow.




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