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Sunday – 24/1/21

Having worked out the geometry of the green oak elements of the roof (see Roof Geometry), I looked again at the softwood part of the structure. As tends to be the case when faced with a challenge, I turned to Google and found this brilliant website which has ‘calculators’ for all sorts of roof types – I chose “Hip Roof Metric’ and entered the parameters for my roof:

Roof input dimensions

And the calculator gives you all the information you need to build that roof right down to the angles of all the cuts of all the roof elements. This has saved me an awful lot of time and research.

Rafter lengths:Rafter lengths

Rafter layout:Rafter cetres

Roof cross-section:Roof cross-section

Full dimension details for the common and hip rafters:Common rafter detail
Hip rafter detail

End detail of the hip and jack rafters:End detail - hip and jack rafters

Roof segment detail:Roof segments

And a useful summary of all angles:Angle summary

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